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About me

 During my pregnancy with the first of my five wonderful children, I took an intensive childbirth education class. It was this class that ignited my passion for birth. Here I learned that I could do this and my fears disappeared. Birth is amazing! It’s about hormones, pressure, force and angles, muscles, bones, ligaments, and nerves, the mind and the body, all acting together to bring a tiny new person into the world! It’s both magical and scientific. Education about the physiological and emotional facets of birth promotes beautiful births. My first birth was somehow both the most empowering and the most humbling event of my life. I wanted to share that experience with others so I became a doula and childbirth educator.  

After reviewing several different childbirth curricula, I decided that Birth Boot Camp offers the best child birth preparation courses. Unlike some, it’s not a method; it’s a strategy. Birth Boot Camp courses give you all the information you need to decide how you want your birth to be and the tools to help you achieve that birth. My role as a childbirth educator is to provide unbiased information and support.

My goal as a doula is to foster my client’s confidence and trust in their bodies to birth beautifully.  Using a combination of physical and emotional support techniques, I help families to feel comforted and heard during their birth. The ideal birth scenario is different for everyone. There is no right or wrong way to bring a child into the world. Just as there is no one right way to birth, there is not just one type of birthing person. Not every birth story or family is the same. Every family deserves support and I consider it my calling to provide a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment for all birthing people, families, and situations.

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